We create values and class

We are not afraid to break with the norm and push past conventional wisdom that causes people to think in a box.  We create values in making our brand personality proud.  

Our philosophy is hinged on changing the age-long belief that celebrate people in death than when alive. We hold the notion that individuals who have made their marks in the irrespective fields-business, academia, governance, and community development, among several others deserve to be ionized in their lifetime. This, we believe, will serve as an inspiration to the entire Nigerians that there are certain Nigerians still setting the pace in a corruption-riddled society like ours. In addition, what we are doing shall further ginger Nigerians particularly the youth segment to brace up to the challenge of filling the leadership gap in a society where governance has been an albatross.

Aside individual/organizational packaging, we are also into correspondences, digital marketing, corporate event packaging, cinematography, as well as goods/services/personality campaigns, among others.


Image Building/ Branding/ Publicity

We promote individuals/organizations via traditional media and digital marketing platforms for national and global acceptability. Through such efforts, we are able to reach our clients’ various publics, putting them in positive spot by consolidating on their achievements for greater appeal.

Events Planning/ Management

We also put a shine on your corporate events-conferences, society weddings, launching, luncheon, AGMs, dinners, etc.

We focus on pre-event, the event proper and post-event depending on how the client deems fit. In all this, we aspire to give our clients the kind of irresistible satisfaction that makes them return to seek more of our services.

Cinematography/ TV Documentary

This equally accompanies any of the aforementioned. At ICON BUILDERS CONCEPTS Ltd, we ensure our clients get the kind of audio-visual befitting their occasions. We also engage in television documentaries for individuals and institutions. We deploy state-of-the-art digital tools to make our services not only professional but in line with global best practice.

Are you a purposeful and result-driven Leader?



Publishing/ Compendium

We are into general print productions. This ranges from books, booklets, compendiums, journals, monographs, pamphlets, invitation cards, complimentary cards, letterhead, jotters, etc

Social Media Campaigns

We specialize in
strategic social media campaigns that focus
on building and protecting a positive brand image,
creating loyalty among fans, and driving new leads
for your business. Our full suite of social media
services includes:

  • Social Strategy Development
  • Social Media Consulting
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Community Engagement


Our strategic team will work with you  to develop your brand and personality, see you through transitions,  help build success for you and your company.

And we’ll do this at a fraction of the cost that you might expect.

Let’s showcase you to the whole world.