Jan 2016 - Jan. 2021

The Making
of a World Class

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Prof Fagbohun who assumed the mantle of leadership of LASU in January 11, 2016 and will be rounding off in January 11, 2021, will go down in the 36-year-old-history of LASU as the ONLY Vice-Chancellor whose five year term never-recorded a single industrial crisis.

If anything, we must all recall that crisis has become like a second skin to LASU since inception in 1984, with every Administration being engaged in one face off or the other. To make matters worse, violence and cultism especially by students has not only slowed down the reputation of the institution, but also destroyed the lofty dreams of its founding fathers.

This scenario has consistently prevailed until Prof Fagbohun mounted the saddle in 2016. During his official presentation held at Government House, Alausa, Ikeja, in January, 2016, Prof Fagbohun, in his manifestoes, vowed to turn the institution around not only by engendering a harmonious relationship between workers, students and management, but putting LASU on a global map. Today, we can confidently say that Prof. Fagbohun has not only attained those manifestoes, but also surpassed them.

Where do we begin to list his achievements?  He is the first ever Vice-Chancellor whose Administration will not be alleged of any financial recklessness. Unlike before, his administration has also organised back to back convocations.

Herein are a few of his landmarks in LASU:

Prof Fagbohun’s Administration constituted the LASU Taskforce on External System, which, within a few months of its inauguration, was able to graduate almost 30, 000 students from the university’s External System platform

Institution of a Distinguished Guest Lecture Series – To train, mentor students and foster harmonious relationship between the ‘Town and the Gown’

Prof Fagbohun’s tenure increased LASU ranking, making it the first among State Universities for two consecutive times, according to National Universities Commission (NUC).

Under Prof Fagbohun Administration, LASU attained the status of a Centre of Excellence for Innovative and Transformative STEM Education by the World Bank. This is also the first in LASU history and one among 17 Universities with similar status nationwide

Prof Olanrewaju Fagbohun established the Lagos State University Open and Distance Learning Research Institute to supplant the now rested External System and further conducted matriculation oath for pioneer students under the ODLRI platform.  

Improvement of staff welfare cum training and re-training for better output.

Also for the first time in LASU history, Prof Fagbohun’s tenure, instituted the annual LASU Excellence Award to reward and inspire members of staff who had distinguished themselves in the discharge of their duties.

Unique gathering of eminent Nigerians under the Centre for General Nigerian Studies – DISCOVERY LECTURE SERIES

Countless infrastructure are now springing up in the university

Today, LASU is the 2nd Best University in Nigeria according to The Cable – Time Higher Education (2020)

Today, LASU looks like a ‘construction site’, with previously abandoned projects prior to Fagbohun’s assumption of Office now completed, while new ones are springing up everywhere.

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Resuscitation of moribund programmes, as well as inclusion of new programmes towards jerking up the Internally Generated Revenue of the University.

Inauguration of a Committee saddled with immortalising heroes and heroines who at one time or the other contributed selflessly towards making LASU what it is today.

Fagbohun’s Administration brought about a focused and result-oriented Students Unionism with constructive engagement anchored on a mutually beneficial agreement.

Prof Fagbohun’s rebranding of LASU has changed the face of the ‘once rancorous’ institution to the darling of all. Besides, enrolment has surged far beyond the University’s capacity, while scholarship has increased among staff and students

These aforementioned achievements are just a sprinkle of over 100 milestones recoded by Prof Fagbohun while in the saddle.