Creating indelible marks that stand the test of time


To become Number One personality/industry promoter organisation delivering innovation with global excellence.


To identify, promote and celebrate Great Achievers, Outstanding Leaders and Technocrats with global relevance.


Our philosophy is hinged on changing the age-long belief that celebrate people in death than when alive

ICON BUILDERS CONCEPTS comprises individuals of proven integrity. Membership of ICON BUILDERS Concepts cut across the academia and technocrats dedicated to fishing out unparalleled Nigerians who are daily braving the odds and making the country proud anywhere they go.

As stated earlier, we strongly believe profiling and documenting such achievements will not only serve as inspiration for future leadership, but set a template for would-be leaders who are still determined to break the jinx in a country like Nigeria where purposeful and result-driven leadership have almost become a mirage.

As a trusted, proven and experienced firm, we are here to deliver ideas, contents, events and productions that showcase enigmas to the whole world.  Our breath of innovation allows us to craft ingenuity and right solutions for indelible mark that stands the test of time. 

We also dedicated to being different by ensuring we do not compromise standard. As regards standards, we mean ‘ONLY” individuals who met our benchmark shall be deserving of our honour. 

The benchmarks include:

(i)               Such Individual/organization must be a Nigerian, a Nigerian in diaspora or a non-national but resident in Nigeria.

(ii)              Such individual must have recorded landmarks in Business, entrepreneurship, Governance, Youth Empowerment, Sports, and Humanitarian Gestures.

(iii)            Such individual/organization must be above board-i.e must not be found to have engaged in any shady or backhand deal to launch into prominence

(iv)           Such individual or organization must show evidence of consistency in their unblemished track record.

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